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The most common question I am asked is how does this work.  The combisave valve is fitted the the hot water outlet within the first 500mm of the pipe.  When you turn the hot tap on the vale is shut allowing only a third of the normal water flow through.  This allows the boiler to heat the water up quicker due to the flow being slower.  Once the valve senses the temperature of the water increase to 45oc then the valve opens allowing the full flow of water through to the taps.
This can give you two advantages
1: Is a saving on water usage.  On test I have carried out the cold start from the combi boiler has reduces water by 6 litres (not much you might say but if you turn the hot tap on 10 times in a day then you would have saved 60 litres) because the water heats up quicker then there is a lower gas usage.
2: Most new boilers have a small hot water tank in the boiler that is constantly kept at a set temperature.  The boiler will cut in and out all day keeping this at the correct temperature.  This function must disabled to get water savings but at the same time you are saving a large amount of gas during the day.
You might say that this is the same as only turning the hot tap on a tiny bit.  Yes this is correct if you only turn the tap on small amount then it will give the same effect as the combisave valve.  The question I ask tho is will this be done every time? Fitting the combisave will guarantee that the water saving is made EVERY TIME the hot tap is turned on.
The other question is will it damage my boiler?  The valve should not damage the boiler as in the previous paragraph it simulates only turning the hot tap on a tiny bit.  Most boilers also have a safety cut off for over heating, the combisave can be adjusted manually if this occurs to stop it happening.
Supply cost £95 plus delivery, Supply and fit from £179 dependant on location

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